Simplistic Understandings Delivered to Your Door


Real Anecdotal Experience

Our number 1 goal  is to make sure that online, inside our bag or box is the finest of cannabis products available for you and your needs, direct to your door.

self education.

Why don’t more people use cannabis to treat their ailments?


From our personal experience we have found that it is very difficult to know what the right cannabis products are, the right dosage, and of course depending on your age there is still a strange stigma attached. And Yes, we know this may be hard to hear, but all that has to go out the window because whatever got you to Frog's Hair may benefit you from this alternative medicine called cannabis.

How To Properly Dose Our Tinctures

Depending on dosage, each bottle should last between 3-6 weeks.  Like everything else that goes along with being educated about Cannabis and it’s uses, there is no set process.  However, with that said anecdotally below are several key points most people can follow to maximize their experience.  

  1. Start with lower doses and work your way up to a level that will best suit your needs.

  2. The average person will end up with 3 dropper fulls of tincture in any one day, with about 3 doses.  

  3. As these products have very little THC, and for the most part are considered “non psychoactive” if ramping up correctly the end user should see results beneficial to them without the negative reactions most of us “non” active users, hear about regularly.

  4. Keep in mind, what may be working for your family and friends, may or may not work for you.  And more importantly, this plant is all about trial and error, but speaking from personal experience, we can say that once you find your balance most likely you will never look back. 

  5. Lastly, while we are not medical professionals, and quite frankly our founders had to learn about cannabis on the fly due to illness, we are surrounded by a community of patient advocates, and traditional Drs. who have embraced learning how to educate on these emerging cannabis alternative solutions and are happy to assist when and where we can.